Postgraduate Studies



The Postgraduate Studies Programme
“Political Science and History”


The Postgraduate Studies Programme (PSP) “Political Science and History” was founded in 2003 and gives admission up to 60 students per academic year. Studies are free of charge and their duration is three academic semesters. The sum total of the ECTS required for obtaining the Master’s Degree are ninety (90), thirty (30) of them for every semester and thirty (30) for the Dissertation.

The PSP is articulated on the basis of two (2) Specialisations:

A. Political Science, with two distinct fields:

  1. Political Sociology and Comparative Politics
  2. Social Theory and Political Philosophy

Β. Modern and Contemporary History.

The PSP grants a Master of Science (Msc) Degree having the title “Political Science and History” while stating one of the above Specialisations and the corresponding Field.

The PSP programme is supported by more than 50 teachers, and more specifically a) the Department Academic Staff, b) members of the Academic Staff from other Panteion University Departments, c) Academic Staff from other Universities, d) researchers from Research Institutes and Centers.

The PSP programme is taught in Greek but is includes also courses given in English and French.
A special quality of this PSP consists in the fact that its students are not obliged to attend a common for all Studies Programme, but each of them can form his/her own individual programme of studies, being allowed to choose from a wide range of elective courses, after consulting the Studies Tutor.





All courses are taught in Greek except for the ones in blue letters which are taught in English or in French.



Historical Sociology: The Debate on Greek Modernity

Eleni Andriakaina


Political Theory of Counter-Enlightenment

Emmanuel Angelidis


Antiquité et modernité (Depuis la Querelle des Anciens et des Modernes jusqu’ à la Revolution

Chryssanthi Avlami - Nikos Kokkomelis


Politics and ideology in late modernity: from the conservative revolution to the current crisis

Ioannis Balampanidis


Alterity in the Balkans. The interpretation of historical sources

Lambros Baltsiotis

11Μ115 Topics in Ancient Political Philosophy: Constitutional theories and approaches of the class conflict in classical antiquity

Spyros Benetatos


Ottoman state and society. The case of the Pashalik of Morea

Aliki Fakoura


Dialectical and Historical Constitution of Concepts

Georges Faraklas


Conservatism - Liberalism - Socialism: British and French Readings on the French Revolution.    

Dimitris Foufoulas


Right-wing populism and extremism in Greece: The heritage of the ‘60s, regime change, economic crisis

Vasiliki Georgiadou


Print Media and Popular Culture - Historical Perspectives: Theory and Practice

Aled Gruffydd Jones - Gioula Koutsopanagou

The Greek War of Independence: Transnational Perspectives

Marios Hatzopoulos


Historical Construction of Greek student movement and its intervention to social dynamics of 20th century

Thanasis Kalafatis - Stathis Koutrouvidis - Michalis Moraitidis 

History, Historiography and Conceptualization II

Nikos Kotaridis 


Globalization, Democracy and Social Movements (Europe, 21st century) 

Loukia Kotronaki


Elections and Parties in Modern Greece: 1974-2015

Panagiotis Koustenis


European Union and Public Policy: new challenges

Stella Ladi


History of Time

Andreas Lyberatos



Andreas Lyberatos


Parties and Party families in the European Union: The Center-Left and Radical Left party families

Gerassimos Moschonas


20th century Archives and the ideologies of the Right

Despina Papadimitriou- Dimitris Bacharas


From Ghenos to Ethnos: From the Ottoman Rum Millet to the Nation-State of Greeks. 

Stephanos Papageorgiou


Issues on Contemporary History and Historiography: The Greek Civil War

Procopis Papastratis


Psychoanalytical discourse and subject in modernity

Panos Papatheodorou 


"Ideologies of Colonialism. An overview of colonial practicalities in Africa and Asia and the case of Greece in Asia Minor".  Kalliope Pavli 

Contentious politics, collective action, social movements 

Seraphim Seferiades 

Machiavelli: The notion of liberty in the foundations of modernity

Siamandouras Sotirios


Comparative Electoral Analysis

Stavros Skrinis 
 11Μ214 Theories of natural law  

Alfred Steinhauer


History, Historiography and Conceptualization I

Nikos Theotokas


Demography and History : concepts and methods

Matoula Tomara - Sideris


Migration in the modern and contemporary era

Lina Venturas





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