Post-doctoral research



The Department of Political Science and History hosts post-doctoral researchers from Greece and abroad. PhD holders who would like to submit an application are encouraged to contact first a faculty member with a compatible field of specialization, who might be appointed as post-doctoral advisor. A post-doc research project may last from six months to three years.

University financial support for post-doctoral research is not available, although post-doctoral researchers may participate in funded research programs or receive scholarships from public or private Greek and foreign institutions.

Post-Doctoral Researchers (2014-17)


Lambros Baltsiotis

Stay and transfer of groups against the provisions of Lausanne’s Treaty.


Spyridonas Benetatos

Perceptions οn the class conflict during the Classical period in Athens


George Bithimitris

The transformation of the working class identities in the case of the Western Piraeus.


Vasileios Bogiatzis

The Greek intellectuals in the public sphere during twenty “explosive” years (1949-1967).


Anna-Maria Droumpouki

Stealing and rehabilitation: The German compensations for the Holocaust of the Greek Jews


Nikolaos Foufas

Adventures of alienation and reification in French and German post-war thought: researching the relations between the ontology of work and cultural critique


Dimitrios Foufoulas

Saint-Simon’s ideas and practices in Greece during the 19th century. A study under the light of a triangular cultural exchange (France-Greece-Germany).


Gizen Gaknak *

Europeanization of Minority Rights in Greece


Nikolaos Kelemenis

The concept of cooperation in the production theory of Karl Marx: A Comparison with the new liberal political economy of John A. Hobson


Loukia Kotronaki

Resilience and contention: Charting collective action in crisis-ridden Greece


Nikolaos Kourahanis

Searching for a shelter : The lack of citizenship in countries under the fiscal adjustment regime (Greece-Portugal-Ireland)


Ioannis Kozatsas

Criticism of empiricism and modern archaeological theory. Towards a dialectic anthropology of material culture technology


Utku   Özer *

Nationalism in the Ottoman Empire: The Greek Experience


Alexandra Patrikiou

They have to go. Aspects of the anti-Semitic editorials in Greece between 1941-1944


Kalliopi Pavli

The colonialism as the intellectual regulator of the world.


Eren Özalay-Şanli*

The Interactive Discourse on Europe among Last Year High School Classrooms in Greece: An Ethnographic Study


Sotirios Siamandouras

Contemporary theories of hegemony, identities, political subject and intermediate places


Alfred Steinhauer

The natural law and the problems of foundation of the modern political legitimacy


Lazaros Tentomas

The Past of Disability: Narrative and Protest in Greece of the 90s


Dimitrios Thrasyvoulou

Greek refugees in the Middle East 1941-1946


Sofia Typaldou

Refugee crisis and rise of the extreme-right: charting a complex relationship in Southern Europe


Ioanna Tzourmana

European and Atlantic History: Reflections of the British radicalism (18th-19th centuries).


Gurhan Yellice*

The comparative analysis of Turkish and Greek perception towards the US foreign policy during the Cyprus crises of 1964, 1967, 1974

* Research conducted in English




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